10 years of experience

About Cato Rutherford

I have a real passion for health and high performance, I'm lucky enough to have built my passions into an incredible career.

I travel the world lecturing to Coaches and Personal Trainers, I own and operate Lift Performance Centre in Sydney's South Central with my terrific team, and I consult with professionals in Strength Coaching and Business Development.

I have been very fortunate to work with a broad range of high performance athletes, and, I'm really pleased to bring my wealth of experience to you through my online training platform "Coach Cato".


Programming on a re occuring subscription


You will receive a comprehensive Consultation Form that once filled out and returned to me, I will use to design your programs. The payments are structured on a Three week Re occurring Payment cycle

You will give me an End Date (date of Competition/ Start Season) in advance, or simply Unsubscribe to terminate any further payments. 

This program includes your Strength Training and Conditioning, your Nutrition and Supplementation guidance and Unlimited Contact with me through the application messenger. 

To begin your subscription, follow this link.